My teaching

I have taught at four universities and am pleased to have engaged hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students with a variety of music and music-related topics. Courses I’ve taught include:

The entire sequence of western music history for music majors

American music

World Music

First-year music theory

The rite-of-passage course in research methodology and bibliography for graduate music students (When in Rome….but when in the U.S., use American punctuation, puh-leeze.)

Special topics courses:

What was John Cage thinking?” This course celebrated the centennial of Cage’s birth and students actively collaborated in figuring out what made Cage tick–we think, base level, it was time and rhythm.  

“Igor Stravinksy’s Le Sacre du printemps, Celebrating the Centennial of its Premiere”

“Women in the Western Art Music Tradition”

“Music and Medicine”



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