Audio clips of music elements


Excerpt 1: Unmeasured, monophonic texture, Native American (composer: anonymous, traditional)


Excerpt 2: Fast tempo, duple meter, homophonic texture, Classical (18th-century) era (composer: Mozart)


Excerpt 3: Moderate tempo, duple meter, homophonic texture, primarily consonant harmony, Romantic (19th-century) era (composer: Smetana)


Excerpt 4:


Excerpt 5: Moderately fast tempo, duple meter, homophony with some polyphony in places, primarily consonant harmony, Baroque era, violins imitate birdsong at 00:31-1:06; strings imitate flowing water at 1:17-1:38; strings imitate a rainstorm at 1:50-2:14; birds again at 2:30-2:43 (composer: Vivaldi)


Excerpt 6: Unmeasured, monophony texture, Medieval era (composer: Hildegard of Bingen)

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