How does sound work?

For millennia, scientists and philosophers, mathematicians and mystics have examined from different perspectives the natural phenomenon of sound and have sought to explain its functions. To many people who have studied it, sound is the “first cause” of our universe, the element of initial action in the physical world, and the organizing mechanism of all life.    















One thought on “How does sound work?

  1. I agree with this below,,,pertaining to the christian religion and it’s origin,,it’s kinda like,,,God’s work get’s “lost in translation”
    “English speakers are probably not the best ones to ask, because they’ve perpetuated many a ridiculous mistranslation.
    Genesis 1:1, in the original Hebrew, uses the word “elohim”, which is the plural form of “el”. The first line of the bible SHOULD read, “In the beginning, the GODS created the heavens and the earth” (but me Shane,has read another translation that says either “in the beginning”,,or “out of the eternal energies of duality ,,”GODS” created the earth out of water or a ocean” But Christians have forgotten their religion’s roots as a Canaanite mystery cult with a whole pantheon of gods, and will likely tell you that it says God, singular, created the heavens and the earth. ‘

    That aside,,I am aware that all matter and all energy exists in “separate states of frequency”. A seemingly solid atom is actually vibrating and is in a static state similar to a solar system. People are aware of the Sun spinning around the black hole at the center of our Galaxy,,but most are not aware that every star in our galaxy also follows a wave like pattern that dips from one polar side of the top or bottom plane of our disc shaped galaxy to the other over thousands of years. Everything is spinning and moving up and down while also spreading apart and expanding!

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